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One of the wonders of the world

Grand CanyonBeing one of the wonders of the world, Grand Canyon is amongst the most popular tourist attractions in America. The most valuable natural wonder on United States’ territory is situated in the Northwest corner of Arizona.

There isn’t another place which would intrigue and surprise you as much as the Grand Canyon. The visual effect created by the immensity and beauty of the region is what attracts so many visitors to the park. Here the world seems bigger. Storms, sunsets and sunrises seem more impressive. Here one will stop, be quiet for a while, contemplate and become meek and mild.

No matter when you go, what time of the day, the canyon looks different. From hour to hour, from sunrise to sunset, the vast shapes and always changing colours of the Grand Canyon’s wilderness of rocks interact with the eyes of the tourists.

Many lucky people, staying for more than a day at the Grand Canyon’s site, enjoy the light show of millions twinkling stars making their appearance and adding to the indescribable beauty of the far reaches of the canyon at a full moon.


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Grand Canyon Area Hotels

There are two basic areas for hotels in the Grand Canyon area, there are the hotels and lodges inside the boundaries of Grand Canyon...
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Camping Gear Guide

A Simple Guide to Camp Stoves

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Skywalk History

Grand opening of Skywalk

Grand opening of Skywalk

After a detailed x-ray examination of the welding and the steel structure to assure safety...
Skywalk's glass walkway

Skywalk’s unique glass walkway

Ten years after the initial idea, Skywalk's platform is ready for the next big step....
Assembling skywalk

Assembling Skywalk’s platform

One of the things that the engineer Kenneth "Bill" Karren wanted people to feel safe...

Hualapai tribe and the Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk is an important step to the future for the Hualapai Tribe. It...
Skywalk foundation drilling

Building Skywalks foundation

Having in mind the rock's hardness and the necessity of limiting the natures elements the...

The fierce athmospheric conditions at the Grand Canyon

The wind Grand Canyon Skywalk reveals an amazing view towards one of the most visited places...

About Skywalk

About the Skywalk
In March 2007 one of the greatest tourist attractions at the Grand Canyon was opened – Skywalk. It is situated on the West Rim, along the Colorado River, on the edge of the canyon.

Grand Canyon Skywalk is a horseshoe shaped glass walkway. With it’s height of 1,200-meters (4,000 ft) above the floor of the canyon, it exceeds the height of the world`s largest skyscrapers. For more information, and tours, please visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk section.