How to get from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Skywalk?

How to get from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Skywalk?

Head out South on I-15 (Las Vegas Freeway). Soon you will see the McCarran International Airport on your left. At that point prepare to switch to I-215. Once on I-215 you will head out to the Green Valley Area of the Las Vegas Valley. Once you get through the Green Valley Area you have to get on Highway 93. Highway 93 coming off of the I-215 is going to take you out of the Handerson Area and After you leave Handerson you are then going to go right pass Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino. The hotel will be off to your left. Once you pass it you would want to keep going into Boulder City, NV. Once you get into in Boulder you have to take a left and you head to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. You will pass the Hacienda Hotel & Casino and as soon as you pass over the Colorado River bridge you will be on the Arizona State side.

Continue to head South to Kingman, AZ. Once you come out of the Colorado River valley area you need to be looking for a sign on the left that says “the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the Hualapai Nation”. You don’t want to miss it. When you see it take a left. You will now be on Pierce Ferry Road.

Once you leave the Pierce Ferry Road you will once again climb up out of a valley and you will start to come through to a fairly populated area called Dolan Springs . You would want to make sure that you are following the speed limits as the speed drops to 45 mph and even 25 mph on some sections and the Arizona DPS is out there monitoring.

Continuing to drive you will come into another valley and there is actually a road that comes in from the South from Kingman called the Stockton Hill Road. It will come in on your right. You have to continue and you should look for the Diamond Bar Road. ThereĀ  will be a sign on the right saying “Grand Canyon Skywalk” and “Grand Canyon West”. If you don’t make the right-hand turn there you will head down to Lake Mead and Mead View. So make sure you make that right-hand turn. At some point the road will become dirt road but it is highly traveled as it is well maintained and you will pass the Grand Canyon West Ranch.

As soon as you are in the Grand Canyon West Area the first thing that you will see is the Grand Canyon West Airport. This is where you will pull in, check-in and pay your fees. You are actually not allowed to follow all the way up to the Skywalk so you will have to leave your car there and get on the bus or get on a helicopter to take you to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. For helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon click here.