Mule Ride

Mule Ride

You can get to the bottom of the canyon on the back of a mule, as guided tours tiptoe their way along the switchbacks.

South Rim mule trips are offered year round. North Rim mule trips are offered from mid May to mid October.

You should have in mind that this ain’t no pony ride at the fair. You could also hike down the canyon.

But remember, this is the real deal. If you hike down, you’ve got to hike back up.You really need to bring plenty of water, a good bit of food, and plan your hikes very early in the morning in the summer months.

The length of the mule rides are from one hour to two-night rides. Prices vary from $40 per person to up to $1200.00 per person for the two night rides. At winter prices are more moderate.