Panoramic views from Grand Canyon’s South Rim

Panoramic views from Grand Canyon’s South Rim

The Grand Canyon is split in three main parts: the South Rim, the North Rim and the West Rim. The South Rim is more accessible than the other two, thus it attracts 90% of all visitors.

When tourists arrive on the South Rim in the summer, many of them spend very little time at that marvelous place, because the blistering heat is unbearable. They just have a look down at the canyon, take few pictures and go. Should you have the chance to visit the place in the cooler autumn months or at the end of the winter, seize the opportunity and hike down to reach the Colorado River. It is definitely a memory you will remember forever! However, hiking down the canyon is an exhausting activity and therefore not advisable for people with health problems. One should descent on a very narrow one-mile rocky path and climb up again the same height. Park superintendents often put signs reading “Many end up here” to warn the visitors not to overestimate their abilities.

Panoramic view from Grand Canyon's South Rim

Panoramic view from the South Rim 3

Panoramic view from the South Rim 2