The story behind Skywalk

The story behind Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk is a miracle of the human engineering thought. It is situated above one of the most majestic natural monuments and it allows the visitors to view the Grand Canyon through a totally different way.

It is magnificent and at the same time scary when you look downwards – says Christine, a visitor to the Skywalk.

How is this amazing structure been built 1200 meters above the canyon’s bottom? We will present to you the story behind the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

1200 meters above Colorado river, Skywalk seems like it is floating in the air. But don’t get deceived. This jewel is made of 500 tons of steel and 29 tons of glass. It is strong enough to resist nature’s destructive forces, that have created the natural wonder below it: the Grand Canyon. It took almost 4 years and more than 30 million dollars to build it. It is worthy.

“It is breath-taking. The view is crystal clear. It is absolutely amazing to see eagles and other birds to fly hundreds of meters below you.” – says another visitor.

The spectacular human achievement combines the modern engineering science and the ancient technology. This allows for reveling the eternal beauty of Grand Canyon. The simplicity of its shape, though is misleading. Skywalk’s creators have had numerous obstacles when building it:

  • wonderful but desert location;
  • ancient geological surrounding;
  • opposition from the local tribes;
  • environmental restrictions;
  • ferocious wind;
  • and the fear of building a glass bridge at the edge of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.